Diamond Knowledge

A Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds are the most durable precious gemstone in the world! A diamond's unique beauty and longevity make it a worthy symbol of your love. The brilliant display of light and sparkle makes each diamond a unique statement.


The cut of your diamond greatly influences the diamond's sparkle and overall appearance. The cut determines how much light reflects through the diamond, which defines the brilliance and scintillation of the stone.


Your diamond's color is actually measured by its lack of color! Diamond color grading ranges from D-Z. Colorless diamonds appear the whitest, and are graded between D-F. Near-colorless diamonds range from G-J. Diamonds graded K-Z reflect a pale yellow hue. The less color it has, the more valuable it is!


Your diamond's clarity measures small internal inclusions in the diamond. It is completely normal for your diamond to contain birthmark inclusions. Diamond clarity ranges between IF (internally flawless) to VVS (very very slightly included) to VS (very slightly included) to SI (slightly included) to I (included). Inclusions in most diamonds are a microscopic size and ar not visible to the human eye.


Carat weight is the unit to measure the weight of a diamond. Naturally, the bigger the diamond, the more it weighs, but other factors such as the diamonds cut affect the carat weight and the overall size of the stone.